Labor and birth in government hospitals

Labor and birth in government hospitals

Giving birth and parenting have plenty of challenges. One day, you see yourself shopping for baby bibs in Malaysia, and then the following week you are a having breastfeeding problems. Be prepared for all the hardships and sacrifices. There are many things you should keep in mind even before your baby comes out. Below are some things you should take note of.

1.Should you give birth in a government hospital?

Of course. Every Malaysian mother can give birth in a Malaysian government hospital. Once you head to the hospital in order to deliver your kid, take your all-in-one information and appointment book. Because of its distinct color, it is also called “buku pink.” You will have yoursif you have attended and registered appointments at the local KKIA, or Klinik Kesihatan Ibu & Anak.

2.What should you do once you reach your due date?

You need to be accessed by a physician once you reach your due date, without officially going into labor. Your doctor may allow one more week, or 10 days before offering induction of labor. Generally, a mom-to-be will only be admitted when a physician confirms that she is in labor.

3.What happens when you are in the early stages of labor?

Once you arrive in the government hospital in the labor’s early stages, you would be admitted to a so-called antenatal ward. This ward is where other women in labor are admitted. They may give you an enema so you can empty all your bowels. The doctor and nurse will check on your progress periodically.

4.What happens when you are in active labor?

Your cervix must dilate to around 4cm for you are considered to be in active labor. The nurse would take you to the labor room where you would give birth.

During the active labor phase, nurses and doctors would continue to monitor the cervix. Once you are in the labor room, you would be hooked up to a specific CTG machine your little one will be monitored electronically. This makes it easier for health care professionals to track laboring mothers.

5.Can you get pain relief medicine to help manage contractions?

Entonox and Pethidine are available in Malaysian government hospitals. Though, epidurals are not typically available on demand. Why? They are not available on demand because they are given by anaesthetists. It all depends whether the specialist is on duty or not.