How To Last Long In Bed

How To Last Long In Bed


Since hypersensitivity might be the cause of a premature ejaculation, using a condom is an easy solution that can make intercourse last longer. The condom forms a barrier that dulls sensation around the penis that will result in delayed ejaculationso both of you can experience more pleasure before ending it off.

The pause-squeeze method

The pause-squeeze method can be done while having sex or masturbating. Have sex until you feel that you cannot contain it anymore. Then, stop and squeeze the top of your dick until you no longer feel the emotion of ejaculating. That’s it. Continue to have sex and repeating the same thing but do not do it too much. It is considered difficult to do this since the man must have a high self-control to be able to contain the pleasure. Repeated practice and a direct explanation with your partner will help to ease the process. Over time, you may be able to train your body without using the squeeze technique to prolong ejaculation.

Numbing medications

Numbing drugs use ingredients such as lidocaine and prilocaine that work by suppressing the nerve impulses that make you feel pleasant and sore. Such drugs typically come as creams or sprays, and then you might have reduced sensitivity if they are given to your cock, and are licensed for use in premature ejaculation. Apply numbing creams or sprays to the genitals half an hour before sex. Since you’ll have less intense sexual pleasure, you may be able to postpone your ejaculation. Nonetheless, there is a big disadvantage to this approach, as your partner’s sensitivity to pleasure will be affected as well.


Even though Viagra is typically used for treating people with trouble sustaining an erection, research indicates that it can also help with premature ejaculation. It was also proven to be more effective than the stop-squeeze strategy.

Premature ejaculation is a normal condition but it can make your sex life or relationships difficult. If none of these approaches help you stay longer in bed, contact your doctor to help you find the most suitable care plan for you. However there are few male enhancement pills that you can take to help increase your stamina and to make you last longer in bed for ultimate satisfaction.