How to change your baby’s diapers in a restaurant

How to change your baby’s diapers in a restaurant

Do you love shopping for your baby? There are tons of baby essentials you must buy and deal with. Baby diapers are just few of the most important things your little one needs. Sure, there are tons of baby diaper brands in Malaysia, but the brand is not the only thing you should research on. Even dads research on, and practice changing the nappies of their children. But, what if the nappy needs to be changed at the restaurant. How will you manage everything?

Your nappy changing bag should be stocked with the following:

  • Antibacterial spray
  • Spare baby clothes
  • A scarf, or a spare top for you
  • A plastic pad on which baby nappies can be changed
  • A minimum of 3 spare nappies
  • Baby wipes, the flushable, biodegradable ones

    Changing nappies on a changing table

    1. Unfold the table.
    2. Wipe down the changing mattress or table. If it’s not completely clean, spray it with an antibacterial spray.
    3. Lay down your baby on the plastic pad.
    4. Change the diapers.
    5. Put the soiled nappy inside a plastic bag, and then in a nappy bin. Just make sure it is tied up tight before you throw it away.
    6. Wipe and spray the changing mattress or table.
    7. Wash your hands and go.

      What if there is no changing table?

      1. Lay down the soft towel, scarf and jacket. Since there is no changing table, you need to make your little one comfortable on the floor, or bathroom countertop.
      2. Put the plastic nappy changing mat over the cloth, with your baby on top. It must be comfortable and soft for her. See to it that she is shielded from the dirty, wet and cold surface.
      3. Proceed to change the nappy, just like above.
      4. If possible, talk to the manager, and suggest the inclusion of a nappy changing table, to make everything easier for parents.