How to Bet on a Boxing Match?

How to Bet on a Boxing Match?

Betting on Boxing

Betting on a boxing match has been around for so many years, way before the advancement of casino online malaysia. In fact, betting and boxing actually go hand in hand for a while, especially during the 1970s where placing bets on boxing match proved to be more popular than betting in the NFL.

However, the practice has had its fair share of downward trends as well. At some point, people are accusing different boxing organizations of match-fixing and poor or outright horrendous judge decisions. But, despite its reputation having been muddied, boxing today, at least for the most part, remains to be in the good graces of many fight fans around the world.

In this article, I will talk about how you can bet on a boxing match should you wish to do so on the next major fight.

The Match Win, Lose or Draw

How to Bet on a Boxing Match?Before telling you how to bet on a boxing match, it is important for me to address how a person earns money from the bets.

To help you understand how this works, we will make a hypothetical scenario. Let’s say that John Smith has -200 odds and Pete Brown has +150 odds.

For you to win some money if you bet on John Smith, you would have to pay $200 to win just $100. However, if you bet on Brown, you will only have to bet $100 to win $150. If you believe that the find would end up in a draw, you only have to pay $100 to win $2,000.

It is important for you to know that for you to win the bet, the fighter that you’ve placed money on should win. Otherwise, if they happen to get defeated, you will lose your money. Should the fight result in a draw, all of the bets that were placed on both fighters are declared “losers” and you will not receive anything.

There are also some cases where the betting odds do not offer the “draw” option, so if the fight does indeed result in a draw, all of the bets that were wagered on the fighters will be refunded.

How Bookmakers Keep the Bets More Interesting

In most cases, boxing matches tend to be one-sided, especially one fighter is considered to be the favorite.

How to Bet on a Boxing Match?So, bookmakers employ measures that will make the betting even more interesting despite what might happen in the ring.

So for instance, instead of betting the traditional way where the bettors would have to wait for the match to end before they will know if they won or not, the bookmakers will allow betting on specific rounds instead.

For example, one of the most popular bets in boxing matches today is the over-under. If you wager on a fighter and you happen to bet on the “Under 6 rounds”, you will win the bet if the fight happens to be stopped before round 6 ends.

The same goes with the over 6 rounds bet. So long as both fighters are still fighting at the beginning of round 7, you will win the bet. However, if the fight continues on if you wagered for the under 6 rounds, then you’re going to lose (same goes if the fight stops before the start of 7th round for the people who bet on the over 6 rounds category).