6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Website Security

6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Website Security

As a website owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that website security is a top concern. This is especially true if you have an online store because people will not easily trust you with their sensitive information if they find out that website security is not your strongest suit.
If you are on the lookout for the best ways to improve your website’s security, then you are in luck. For today, I am going to talk about some proven ways you can do just that.

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Encourage Users to Input a Strong Password

Did you know that the vast majority of internet users still use weak passwords? It is important that you encourage your users to bolster their passwords since hackers can simply use brute force attacks to crack them (if they are easy to do so).
Encourage them to vary their passwords using upper and lowercase letters, adding numbers, and special characters.
If they want a simpler solution, they can use password managers like Lastpass, for example, as it has a feature that helps generate a strong password for you.

Keep Your Scripts and Plugins Up to Date

Another way for hackers to compromise your website’s security is to exploit any plugin or website scripts that you use that are outdated.
Therefore, it is important that you conduct a manual audit on your website from time to time to ensure that you are actually using the latest versions.

Conduct Regular Security Scans

It is also very helpful if you conduct regular security checks on your website. There are many anti-malware solutions out there that you can use on your website to sweep it clean from any possible malware.
In addition, you also want to use different tools that will help scan for vulnerabilities. If anything is found, it is best that you patch things quickly.

Make Use of the Latest Software

Just like plugins and scripts, you should also be using the latest software as well. There are instances in the past where hackers were able to gain sensitive information because some websites are using outdated programs that are full of unpatched vulnerabilities.
Always make sure that you are using the latest versions.

Hire an Expert

If you are running a more professional website, it is important that you set aside a budget so that you can hire a security expert to help you.
These are professionals that will do thorough and frequent scans on all of the page elements on your website to ensure that nothing gets unturned.
They will conduct regular scans, make security audits, monitor your webpage for possible malicious activity, and so much more.