6 Interior Design Tips That Will Instantly Impress Your Guests

6 Interior Design Tips That Will Instantly Impress Your Guests

1.Place a console table on the foyer.

Guests will surely pass through your hallway when entering your house. So, how can you make your own interior decoration stand out? Display a console table on one side of the foyer. If you are looking for an interior design tip for your small budget, using a really old vintage console is a great idea.

2.Explore unique designs.

Feel free to explore unique home designs. This would work well for you if you can invest a bit more for bespoke furniture. That way, your rooms would become even more unique and remarkable.

3.Hang awesome pendant lights.

Trust me, lighting can make or break a good interior design. If you really want to impress your visitors with a thrilling home vibe, you need to get lighting right. Try using pendant lamps for a modern look.

4.Adopt an open home plan design.

There are interior design and architecture firms in Malaysia that can help you when it comes to your plans. Seasoned designers will be able to recommend tons of ideas that can make your home look even more spacious than it actually is.

5.Decorate your spaces with huge plants.

You’ll never go wrong with large house plants. This is a good way to make your rooms stand out, whether inside or outside. Put a couple of big plants in your hallway, or in the living room. What’s even more amazing is that they don’t cost plenty of money.

6.Go green.

There is nothing more brilliant and impressive than decorating your personal space with environmentally-friendly pieces. At this day and age, almost every person is already going green. By utilizing eco-friendly, sustainable solutions, you can make your room stand out.