5 Affiliate Marketing Trends This 2019 and Beyond

5 Affiliate Marketing Trends This 2019 and Beyond

1. Diversified Search Engine and Social Media Presence

People are getting more and more concerned with data privacy year after year. If you are using Facebook and Google on a daily basis, then most likely, you’re already familiar with potential security breaches. Learn how to diversify your strategy across other social media platforms. Why not try Pinterest and Instagram? We all know they’ve stepped up their offerings recently, and there are more ways to generate more traffic.

2. Audio and Visual Content

Many affiliate marketers are still depending on written content 100% to generate traffic. This is good, on a technical standpoint, since it would be very easy to include affiliate links. However, more and more customers are getting drawn to audio and visual content, so it’s important for you to meet their needs to improve conversion rates. Use video demonstrations, online courses and infographics.

3. Voice Search

Voice search is rapidly going mainstream. This will rise even more in the forthcoming years. It is definitely a top trend you should watch out for if you want to improve the run of your affiliate marketing career. Don’t forget to optimize your web content for voice search in order to stay ahead of the competition.

4. Regulated Influencer Marketing

This 2019, affiliate marketers will begin recruiting influencers with engaged audiences in their programs. A wide reach is no longer enough–the audience needs to take action. Several brands would want to partner with those affiliates who have good reputation.

5. Mobile First

Google have already rolled out a specific algorithm update that indicated the preference to mobile-friendly platforms. This only proved the importance of leveraging on the power of mobile browsing and mobile devices. Producing producing mobile-friendly content is a top affiliate marketing trend you should never forget.